Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where has the summer gone?

Soaking ranunculus tubers before planting. They are just starting to sprout and if they make it through the winter I'll have beautiful dark purple-puce blooms.

So there's a chicken tikka puttering away on the stove and I'm drinking redbush tea, sewing, re-watching Downton Abbey and awaiting responses from my latest batch of job applications. It's a funny thing, I officially finished uni at the end of June so I have been unemployed for the best part of three months, but the time has flown by! My summer has been filled with flathunting, moving to a new city, getting settled in our new place and a few other projects I've busied myself with, but mostly it's been a time of lie-ins, bad TV, eBaying and endless trips to Wilkinsons for paint and screws and seeds. I know that real life is going to have to begin again soon in earnest (preferably before our money runs out) but I'm kind of strangely content for a bit longer. Plus I have big plans for some cushion covers, a wallhanging, birthday presents (October is a busy month for birthdays) and, eventually, a little Etsy business.

Feeling nostalgic and making pimped up cornflake cakes - the cashews and chewy raspberry sweets were tasty and suitably childish additions!

Song of the day: 'The Conference' - Nitin Sawhney

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