Thursday, July 18, 2013

A (belated) Easter walk

These photos were taken around Easter time, so not exactly the most recent, but I was browsing through my iPhoto folders and just wanted to share some of them. They were taken on one of those rare (in England anyway) unashamedly sunny days that are still a bit cold and crisp too. While we were at home in Somerset for the holidays, my boyfriend and I drove a few miles to this big pond/small lake and walked through the woods and then around the edge of the water.

I love photos of water for some reason, especially when the reflections aren't perfect, like the photo above with all the branches becoming tangled and confused.

Are there any places near where you live that are really special? Also, I've recently moved, so if anyone happens to read this and lives in Devon, give me some new places to explore!

Song of the day: 'Worried Shoes' - Karen O and the Kids

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