Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer lovin': The little things

I'm job-hunting at the moment, and (for me, anyway) it gets pretty disheartening when you put time into writing out an application and covering letter only to hear nothing back. It's particularly hard for me because I'm still not sure exactly what it is I want to do. But the sun is still shining and there are small things to keep me cheerful. Here are four of them:

I've owned the bracelet on the left since I was about 17 and I have literally worn it everyday since. I love simple silver jewellery and these bracelets are beautiful for two reasons. 1. They're handmade and the jeweller makes them to the size of your wrist so each one is different and completely personal (I have small hands and wrists so usual bangle bracelets slip off me really easily so I can't wear them). And 2. wearing them each day and having them rub against your skin and clothes actually polishes them, so they start to get more and more shiny over time. A few weeks ago, as a finishing my degree present, my mum surprised me with two new ones, so now I have 3 jangling away on my arm!

This was our bargain of the week. We move into a new flat in a couple of weeks, and my boyfriend Shane happened to come across these amazing yellow pans on eBay. They were a local listing, so no one else was really bidding for them, so we got BOTH for £1.20! Plus we had a nice evening walk going to collect them. There'll be a lot of stews happening in my house this winter...

I was in Primark earlier in the week buying knickers because, to cut a long story short, someone stole mine from the washing line. Yep, I know, very weird and creepy. But while I was there I saw this light green top reduced to £2 so of course it snuck into my hand. I love this colour at the moment - I have a jumper in it too - and the peplum is kinda cute. It is more see-through than I first realised, so I've worn it with a vest underneath. Maybe this will be the beginning of a love affair between me and pastels, who knows?

Lastly, I think it's perfectly legitimate to pick flowers from other people's gardens if they are intruding onto a public footpath, don't you? I found these hanging over a wall a few doors up from the house I'm staying in. Flowers always make me feel better, especially if they're free!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Song of the day: 'Crazy Love Vol. II' - Paul Simon

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