Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mini adventures in the garden

I've had a busy weekend: we had a housewarming on Saturday, so the house has been full of people for the last few nights. We had a barbecue, ice creams at the quay, drinks in a pub garden, far too much to drink in the evening, football and cricket at the park (I was too hungover to participate), watched a lot of Planet Earth on Sunday and played a very long stocks and shares board game. A pretty good weekend on the whole, but now I am knackered and will probably end up curling up with a cup of tea and some terrible TV very soon.

Because of all our houseguests, I haven't had a chance to do much in the garden since moving in, but I have planted some herbs: coriander, basil and parsley to begin with. They've been sunning themselves outside for a while and today I noticed the first tiny shoots poking through. Can't wait for a few curries with coriander in a few weeks time, and maybe even some basil pesto! I've planted a bed of cornflowers too, which are also just starting out on their journeys. They won't bloom until the spring, but it'll be lovely to open the back door to a mass of blue and purple flowers when the time comes.

The courgettes that the previous tenants planted have gone crazy, despite me totally ignoring them. I picked these two enormous ones this morning, so I think it will have to be stuffed courgettes for dinner (or are they marrows by this point?) From the looks of the plants there are a few more to come too, so I will be whipping up my favourite creamy, garlicky, cheesy pasta with courgette ribbons in the next few days too. As this rate I'll have to start being far more imaginative with my courgette recipes!

Finally, this seems to be the year's last blossoming on our rose bush. I haven't the heart to pick it.

Song of the day: 'Fire' - Kasabian

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