Friday, August 23, 2013

Urban birdwatching

We've gone crazy and painted everything possible in our living room white. The space looks much better and the windows look incredible now, but I am nursing a gloss-paint-induced headache and an aching arm. I love painting, but I hate the stage about two thirds through when you really want to stop but you can't because all of your belongings are piled up in odd places and the sofa has all your books on it so you can't sit down anyway. And so you tell yourself that if you keep going it won't really take that much longer, just a few more hours...

Anyway, on an entirely different note, a few days ago I thought it would be interesting to see how many different bird species I could find purely by looking on the rooftops directly behind my back garden, here:

Sadly, any birds that linger long enough for me to actually take a picture are the most ordinary birds ever: one grumpy crow, some angsty baby seagulls that can't fly and their mother who seems to feel obliged to stay with them but is growing more and more frustrated by their lack of flying ability.

Maybe the next couple of days will prove more fruitful...

Song of the day: 'One Life Stand' - Hot Chip

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