Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rainy grey weekend

After a pretty damn good day with my friend Jai yesterday, and then a beautiful sunny evening, today is grey and drizzly. Shane is glued to the TV as the new football season starts and I have taken to my bed with a book and a cup of chai tea where I will probably stay for a good couple of hours. 

One of my favourite parts about our new flat is the mantelpiece directly opposite our bed (the house is Victorian so there are fireplaces everywhere). On it, we've put: a string of fairy lights my parents gave me last Christmas; two frames of embroidery threads and buttons that my mum put together a while ago and donated to me as she didn't want them any longer; two traditional Swedish Dala horses that my aunt gave me when I visited her in Sweden; a jar of honeysuckle I picked from a hedge two days ago; an old IKEA clock that I love and have had for years and years and a small stone Buddha head that my old boss gave me as a leaving present.

Today I've switched the fairy lights on in an attempt to banish the gloom and from my position curled up on the bed I can see all these little things that remind me of various people, trips and events. I don't tend to hang on to possessions too much, but there is something comforting about having a few things that relate to specific times and places, especially when those things feel miles away or ages ago. Plus, of course, honeysuckle smells amazing :-)

Song of the day: 'Wildest Moments' - Jessie Ware

P.S. I really like the way the words 'rainy grey' sound together. Similar to a book I read once when I was about ten about a girl with a dog call Moody Blue.

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  1. It certainly was a pretty damn good day :) and the mantelpiece looks wonderful, so pretty xx